Jenny is the best groomer that we have ever had for all of our dogs. She is a jewel. We are in our 70's and have had at least 7 dogs of ours cared for by Jenny and one for my Mom. She has gone way beyond that extra mile to help us with specific problems regarding our old dogs and has always been very gentle and careful with them. Her costs are very reasonable and she develops relationships with the dogs as well as her customers. She feels like family and are dogs are gorgeous when they come home. She listens to what you want and writes it on your dog's card. We have a special needs shepherd and she's excellent with him. He was a Rescue and very scared of the world. She loves animals and loves working with them. I don't write lots of reviews, but can't say enough about the good work that Jenny does. Thank you Jenny. We've really appreciated your professional help.  Judy E                        
Love, love, love Jenny's handling of my three dogs! She is definitely the most patient, capable groomer I've taken them to. She took time with the one that is a 'nipper' (old girl), so that she 'tolerates' getting groomed finally. The others that Jenny handled since puppies, have been trained by her how to behave for grooming. She knows what she's doing!  Connie A                        
 The Gentle Clipper is the best in town!  No nonsense, takes tender loving care of all those four legged friends!  We have a 12 year old Lhasa Apso-Poodle, mix with a dry eye and Jenny is so gentle with her long unruly and curly hair, she makes her feel at ease and makes her coat manageable and comfortable. We love Jenny and would not use anyone else! Kari M                        
I've known Jenny for many years. I worked with her for about 6 years as her dog bather. I now bring my chocolate lab into the bathing stations. He is a "senior" dog at 11 years old. He doesn't like his feet messed with. While she was away for a couple years I had to bring him in for nail trims at other places. He never wanted to go to the other groomers for nail trims. She is always helpful when you need help in the bathing stations. She takes her time with you and teaches you the correct technique on bathing to make your animal as comfortable as possible. Emily O                        
I took one of our Malamutes in today to clean her myself in one of their stations. First off, I have NO grooming experience and have never owned such a large breed or long haired dog before. Jenny (the owner) not only had everything read for us, but took the time to give me tips and instruction on what I was doing and could be doing better! It was AMAZING!! We are currently on a tight budget and her prices were great! Also, my dogs are family so I have never been a fan of leaving them anywhere for anything. With that said, after today's experience, (and assuming I can add it into the budget later) I would definitely trust Jenny to groom my dogs in the future!! Thank you Jenny!!  Sheila E                        
It was my first time taking my corgi to self serve dog wash and a great experience, Jenny was there to give me suggestion and helpful hints. I went in to get my corgi washed and decided to get the nails and paws trimmed, Jenny was eager to do it for me. Thanks Jenny  Jeremy S                        
They do a wonderful job with my dog.Always had great service. The price is great. They are quick and convenient. Highly recommend for anyone in the area look to a quality groomer.  Mr R                        
We have known Jenny many years. Our experience at her place has always been great. She shares what we call from the islands "Aloha". Jenny's knowledge is of high caliber and she is so sweet to all her clients. You go to her shop you will notice she will always welcome you with a warm heart and you become part of her "Ohana" or we say Family. So go by and see for yourself, you will not be dissatisfied. Much Mahalo and Aloha we send out to Jenny and her Staff and we are so glad she is in Monroe. Mahalo, Robert & Julie Black Hawaiian Construction LLC                        
They helped me with great resources so I could make an educated decision about my dog food choices. My dog, Sadie, lives the new food and treats. She is much happier. Dalia C                        
Gina and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you have done for us over the years. Your quality of service and compassion for our dogs has been exceptional. Our dogs were always happy to see you and came home clean, well groomed and smelling great!                         
Your advice on training, products, or diet has always been spot on. We have had great success following your direction.  When Magnum was still with us we needed to find a kennel while we were on vacation. It was incredibly comforting knowing he was staying with someone we trusted. When we got home he was happy to see us, but certainly was in no hurry to come home! Leaving your pet with someone, either for a day or a week, can be stressful. Since you have been caring for our pets we haven’t had to deal with that.  Thanks Rob and GinaCharlie and Magnum                        
First, let me start off by saying that my husband and I love our dogs like they are our children. We are very particular as to who grooms or treats them. We have NEVER used any other groomer aside from Jenny Loo.                        
My husband and I met Jenny Loo in 2001 when she started grooming our Great Dane/ Golden Retrievers. From the very first appointment, Jenny sensed that one of our dogs was not comfortable being kenneled. So from that time forward, she put our dogs in a separate fenced-off area each time they went in for grooming, which was monthly for almost ten years.                          
As our dogs aged and began having health issues, Jenny was the first to offer assistance, whether it be to board our dogs, assist with their medications, take them to vet appointments, etc. Sadly, both of these dogs passed in 2012.                            
In June, 2012, we got two new puppies.  From the very beginning, Jenny has been helping us with these dogs, which have been a bit more challenging than our first two dogs were to train.  Jenny provided us with puppy training equipment (crates, bowlsleashes, puppy pads, training treats, etc.) and training tips.  She has come to our home many times to work with our dogs, and has never charged us a penny for her services.  Our new dogs love their Auntie Jenny!                         
Last May, 2010, my husband suffered a stroke when I was out of town.  When Jenny learned what happened, she dropped everything and went to our home to get our dogs.  She took them to her house and cared for them for “as long as we needed” her to.  Again, she would not accept any payment for these services.                          
My niece recently moved in with us and brought her 10 year old lab mix, Sadie, with her.  Sadie had not been bathed since she was a puppy (yep, that’s right!)  We took Sadie to Jenny for grooming, and Jenny discovered that Sadie had a severe ear infection and problems with both of her knees.  So, Jenny suggested that Sadie visit with the vet.  Since I was not available to bring Sadie to the Vet, Jenny accompanied my niece.  This was three weeks ago, and Jenny has been to our house every day since then to treat Sadie’s ears because my niece is afraid to do it herself.                         
These are just a few examples of the kinds of things that Jenny does for her clients and friends.  She is extremely generous with her time, especially when it comes to helping with the furry ones.  She will never take a dime for these extra services.  She does it because she truly cares.                          
My friends and I call Jenny “The Dog Whisperer,” and she got this title before we knew anything about Cesar Millan!  Jenny talks with the animals without words.  With or without words, the animals respond to her with love and respect.  If you are fortunate to have Jenny work for you or with you, trust that the animals will be well trained and well loved. Sincerely, Christine & John                        
We have been working with Jenny Loo – The Gentle Clipper over the last 3 years since we got our rescued dogs.  One being a rescued Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback who was rescued from a shelter at 2 years of age.  We also were able to get a Blue Nose Pit Bull when she was an infant puppy that came from a Compton California fight club.  The Pit’s mother was rescued pregnant and when giving birth passes away along with 4 of the 5 puppies. We were lucky enough to get the only survivor.                         
Knowing we already had our hands full with one dog, integrating a second dog to our family was an overwhelming experience.  We instantly thought of Jenny as my husband Elias and Jenny went to high school together in Hawaii.   We contacted Jenny and knew she would be able to give us pointers and tips on how to handle these full personality dogs.  We regularly took our dogs to Jenny for grooming. There were many other places much closer to us, but we trusted Jenny wholeheartedly. So we drove almost an hour each way just to have her groom our dogs.  She always showed tremendous love and affection to our dogs and was quickly able to identify a plan for us in relation to training our dogs.                         
We also needed her help in boarding our dogs while on business or personal trips.  Jenny clearly laid out a list of items we needed to bring and items we needed to leave at home.  While she has a couple other dogs sometimes boarding at the same time. She always took the necessary time needed to properly introduce each dog to another dog, maintaining a cool, calm yet authoritative position with the dogs.  Every time we went to pick up our dogs the feeling is they didn’t want to leave after having so much fun with her.                         
Our dogs are an extension of our family and as with family you become very protective over them.  We trust Jenny and she has proven to us that she really understands the relationships between humans and dogs and dog with other dogs.  We would not hesitate to give her a glowing recommendation.  We know and have seen how dedicated, hard working and yet loving to our family dogs she is. Mahalo! Lisa & EliasKoa and Liko                          
I have had the great pleasure of knowing Jenny Loo for over 20 years.  I met Jenny through a community based Block Watch in which she was very involved.  This is when I first learned that not only was she committed to making her town a better place, but that she also had a very insightful, caringthoughtful, and incredible ability with animals.                         
It wasn't too soon after I was introduced to Jenny, that I asked her for some help with my Malamute (Cheyenne) who was out of control.  Cheyenne would bark and growl at every person that walked past our residence.  Our dog would also escape from our fenced yard to chase down little dogs and pin them down.  My husband and I would argue over who would take Cheyenne to Obedience Training as we would get yelled at by the trainer that we were not working with her at home enough.  I was at my wits end when Jenny agreed to come over and assess the situation with my dog.  Jenny brought over two of her own dogs (little ones at that)!  I remember when Jenny got out of her car, my dog immediately sat down in our yard!  I was in shock thinking "What the heck is going on with Cheyenne?" because I had never seen my dog react to ANYONE this way?!!  The next thing Jenny did was get her dogs out of her car and walked them outside my fence!  To my surprise, Cheyenne continued to sit in the same spot she first sat down!  I was completely mesmerized by what was taking place!  Jenny then came in my yard and walked her dogs in big circles around Cheyenne, all the while Cheyenne stayed calm?!  I told Jenny that I had never, ever, ever seen Cheyenne behave this way with a stranger, and then to add two little dogs was unheard of! Jenny then told me very matter of fact that "Sometimes it's not the dog, but the owner that needs to be trained!" She told me that Cheyenne could get better if I just spent more time with her!  I told her then that she was like The Dog Whisperer (this was way before the show)!  I told everyone I knew that we had a Dog Whisperer in our little town!                         
She has a strong work ethic and is a successful business owner.  Jenny also has an innate ability to read and work with animals that is second to none! I have taken my pets to The Gentle Clipper's Tub N' Suds since Jenny first opened her doors and there is no one else that I would trust more than Jenny Loo!  Sincerely, Lauri                        
I have had the privilege of knowing Jenny Loo for over 20 years.  Our entire family uses her services exclusively including grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.  Our loyalty to Jenny comes from the fact that she is a true expert with dogs.  We are grateful for her professionalism and heartfelt commitment to her clients and the animals she cares for.  Her facility is immaculate and her methods are very organized, well researched and well thought out.  Her methods and teaching style along with her vast knowledge and experience makes her a true professional in the industry.                           
I found this to be true when I adopted and owned my first dog, Tucker.  Never owning a dog, I had a lot to learn about caring for and training him.  Bath time was especially a struggle.  He would try to jump out of the tub or, if he did stay, he would not sit still.  Jenny helped Tucker learn that bath time can be a pleasant bonding time for us.  After she worked with Tucker, he would listen to me, wait patiently for me and sit while being bathed.                          
Our family really enjoys going on walks with Tucker.  The problem is that when we took Tucker out he pulled on the leash and if he saw another dog, would try to bolt and become aggressive.  Jenny helped us with these issues and now we can enjoy our walks together and my son is now confident walking his dog too.                         
My twin sister had a beautiful sweet golden retriever, Hula.  Hula really took to Jenny and was always so excited to see her.  Jenny treated Hula like her own dog taking such extra gentle care of this sweet happy loving dog until Hula passed from old age.   My sister also has a toy poodle on the sweet but high strung side.  Jenny really took her time and patiently worked through this issue.  The poodle no longer whines, shakes or is nervous about bath time but rather is excited to see Jenny and loves the attention.                         
I especially appreciate that she takes her time and is caring and patient.  Bathing and training is actually enjoyable for my dog.  My dog comes back from Jenny more confident, happier and better behaved.                          
Jenny is a true gem not found easily!  We feel very lucky that she has been a part of our lives helping us with our furry four-legged family members.   Stephonie                         
We are writing to share the pet boarding and grooming experiences that we have had with Jenny Loo, who has given exceptional care to our dog since April 2011. We unequivocally trust her with our precious twelve year old Springer Spaniel, Georgia, because she is one of those hard-working, reliable, honest 'good people' that seem to be disappearing from the world! Jenny has such a big heart and even bigger understanding of animals. She is in touch with their personalities, quirks, likes and dislikes. When we return from trips our dog is in good spirits and has been well cared for. Being cared for by Jenny isn't a boarding experience for Georgia, it is more like she is on her own vacation. We even get picture updates of her relaxing, running about and playing with other dogs: which puts our minds at ease and allows us to enjoy our vacations. Jenny is also a top-notch groomer who has not only groomed our dog to our specification, but she has never failed to inform us of potential medical situations which she noticed. You could not do any better than to have Jenny as a part of your team.                        
We feel very fortunate to know Jenny, and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you,  Noelle & Bobby                         
We have had the pleasure of working with Jenny for 10 plus years now. When we were given a dog with high needs and trust issues we knew we needed someone special to help us. Mattie suffered from fear aggression as well as other trust issues which made it difficult to groom her or leave her with anyone when we were traveling. Jenny to the rescue! Mattie would excitedly jump into the car when we said, “Let’s go see Jenny!” and run all the way to her door from the car. Over the time we had Mattie, Jenny provided training, boarding and grooming. We could always call when we needed training advice and support. It is clear that she understood how Mattie was feeling and why she behaved the ways she did!  Jenny welcomed Mattie, and us, into her home as one of the family. When Mattie passed, Jenny cried along with us.                          
Over the years difficult family emergencies have come up as they do for everyone. Never one time did Jenny turn us away. Morning or night, when she heard the catch in my voice her response was always, “Just bring her and don’t worry. It’s not a problem.” Having someone like Jenny is such a blessing to our family.                         
We now have two new dogs and have no qualms bringing them to Jenny. We have recommended Jenny to our friends and family over the years. She is dedicated to the health and safety of the dogs she cares for and her clients as well!  Sincerely,  Ed and Katie                         
I am writing this letter to give my highest possible recommendation for Jenny Loo. Jenny was recommended to me thru my Veterinarian in 2005. Since that time she has groomed and dog sat for my two Golden Retrievers over the years. She has devoted such great care and has shown true dedication to her profession. The love and tenderness she gives is very evident every time I pick up my pet.                         

This is no more evident than when she sat and cared for my dog just days after having emergency cancer surgery while I was out of town. Through the daily updates and dressing changes, along with the love given to my golden retriever from Jenny helped to speed along her recovery. 

Jenny has always exceeded way beyond any expectations that I or anyone could expect from their dog groomer or pet sitter. I have never wondered or feared what might be happening to my golden retriever when she was in Jenny's care. I always knew my dog was in the best of hands. My pet was always excited and happy when she would go see Jenny. 

Any person or company would be doing themselves a great service to be able to utilize Jenny's wonderful abilities and attributes to better themselves; and their pets care. I am grateful to have found such a diligent, caring and conscientious person to care and work with my pets. Teri & Bruce 

To Whom It May Concern:  
It is my pleasure and privilege to write this letter for Jenny.  
Jenny began cutting my dogs hair in 2006 she has been a tremendous asset to the training and well-being of our dog. 
Jenny worked with me and taught me how to gently train and teach my dog in a way that actually worked and was successful. Her knowledge of dogs is amazing. There have been many times I have called her before my vet when I have an issue.  
In 2008 we moved to a different city over an hour away and still to this day continue to drive our dog back to Jenny every few months.  
Over the years as our dog aged he became a little grumpy and aggressive and we added two babies to our family. Jenny's advice for training and help for him to adjust was immeasurable.  
We will continue to seek her advice for all our dog’s needs; her knowledge is so helpful.  Sincerely,  Jessica

Jenny Loo is a wonderful dog trainer, groomer and boarder.  I’ve seen her work with my beloved dogs, as well as dogs I’ve referred to her business and other clients’ dogs.  Her love and understanding of the pack and animal roles is first rate.    

I’ve been working with her for over 9 years and she has helped me understand the challenges of a rescue dog we were trying to integrate into our family and helped us safely introduce him to our extended family while they were visiting despite his extremely protective and aggressive tendencies.   

Jenny has also worked with our other dog, Gabby.   Since she was a small puppy, we have brought Gabby to Jenny for grooming.  She is patient, kind, calm and is able to make Gabby comfortable through what could be unpleasant grooming sessions because of Gabby’long, but curly and sometimes unruly hair.  She has helped us with her barking, given us insights into behaviors to reward and behaviors to curb.  Jenny has been an asset and leader with regard to our family’s pet health and safety; I have and will continue to highly recommend her. 

Jenny understands the ins and outs of making any animal feel safe and trust her while they are staying with Jenny, while taking a no-nonsense approach to keeping order amongst the many dogs she works with in her business.    

Jenny’s commitment to animals, her clients and business understanding make her a valuable asset to any training, grooming and boarding facility.  She will be missed here as part of our “pack”, but we wish her the best and brightest of futures in the next chapter of her life and career.   

Sincerely, Kari L


My husband and I have been taking our dogs to Jenny Loo since 2001, for grooming and training. Our first companion dog (Roca) was a Belgian Tervuren from a working breeder; she was very hyper and outgoing but had particular sensitivities when groomed.  Jenny was highly recommended by our Veterinarian, CascadeAnimal Clinic in Monroe Washington. And the name of her business, The Gentle Clipper, also suggested she would be gentle, as Roca did not like her feet handled, much less her nails clipped. Jenny proved to be just the right groomer for Roca - Jenny was able to calm her to the point she didn’t realize her nails were being trimmed.  She took special care when grooming herRoca actually liked going to Jenny for her grooming, where she didn’t like the previous place we took her. When Roca passed in 2011, we acquired another companion Belgian Tervuren Puppy, Roxy, this time from a Show breeder. She had quite the opposite temperament, not as hyper, and very shy. Jenny proved to be extremely helpful in training us with our new challenges with Roxy.  

Jenny has patience and gentleness towards dogs and most importantly knows all types of dog breeds and their dispositions. Belgian Tervurens are not very common in this area, but she knew about this breed. She was able to give us valuable pointers for additional training to meet our family’s needs. Jenny shows a remarkable human-animal bond, but at the same time the dogs know Jenny is the alpha. Roxy was a handful at the beginning; Jenny spent extra training hours with us to go over behavior issues, like excessive poking or licking for attention, stealing socks and gloves. Jenny has also given us tips for exercise for Roxy such as scent games, and different agility training since she is not as active as our first dog, Roca. Jenny does not hesitate to tell you how to correct your posture, your attitude, and to keep your eyes on your dog - your dog can tell if you are fearful, or when you are not in control.  

Jenny is a very outgoing, honest, respectful, and I trust her with my dog – we have recommended her to many friends and co-workers.  You can tell Jenny loves animals, and has a great connection with all types of dogs.  Her years of experience in training, showing, and grooming stand out. I would highly recommend Jenny to any person wanting a highly skilled individual for training dogs for obedience, behavioral issues, grooming and a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into.  

Dave and Lisa