Professional Dog Grooming Service

Full-Service Grooming

All appointments are made by phone. Please Call: 360 863-9554


When our clients arrive, Jenny takes them off-leash into her large exercise area to play, relieve themselves and in general they get to know each other before grooming begins. (Jenny does not groom show dogs or dogs with behavioral or medical issues.

Grooming services include:

bpaw  Nail trim *
bpaw  Ear cleaning *
bpaw  Anal Gland *
bpaw  Bathing
bpaw  Brushing
bpaw  Drying
bpaw Hair trimming  

 *provided only with full dog cooperation. Any infections found will be referred to a veterinarian for proper care.

vsmall Cages
Doggie Waiting Room
vsmall Dryer
Double Cage Dryer


This service is provided by appointment only Monday through Friday. For a price quote, please call (360) 863-9554 or come in to our facility. Please have the following information available when requesting a price quote:

bpaw  Breed
bpaw  Age
bpaw  Size by weight
bpaw  Condition of coat (long hair, matted, etc.)
bpaw  Friendly (yes or no)
bpaw  Medical or behavioral issues
bpaw  Services needed
bpaw  Date of last grooming